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B2B Sales

The ABCs of selling B2B.

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Shut up and listen to your prospect because it will make you more money.

As a salesperson, you should shut up and listen to your prospect because it will make you more money.

This is fundamentally wrong in every sense of the word.

First of all...

If thats your thought process, the question's you'll be asking will reflect a self-serving motive.

Second of all...

Not practicing an altruistic form of active listening will lead to objectio...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales Operations
Feedback Request: Database of B2B Buying Signals for Salespeople

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of the year, I acted on the advice on a Hubspot article by Emma Brudner (if you’re reading, thank you Emma!) and got instant results. i.e appointments with prospects for the marketing agency I worked for then. The article is “29 Types of Sales Trigger Events and How to Track Them”

While Emma’s article was great, it was a bit gener...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach Prospecting
All Effective Cold Outreach has One Thing in Common

I went through nearly +10 years of highly effective, cold outreach I've used at 7 different startups.

I realized there's a single common theme in every effective script or email I've created.

It is the underlying basis for getting people's attention who are not in buying mode.

It is the same foundation for what:

- Josh Braun calls illumination questions.

- Jacco ...

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B2B Sales Closing Cold Outreach
78-10-1-Make Cold Calls Fun

“How many calls did you get done?”

“I did 78 total calls, talked to 10 people that didn’t hang up on me and set 1 appointment...”

I literally flipped the table with excitement for this young man. It was his first day doing ANY type of cold calling and he sat on the phone all day getting after it.

But there was a sadness and disappointment in his tone.

He wanted ...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales Training
Why aren't there more guarantees in B2B SaaS contracts?

I actually get a chuckle out of this when I think about it.

Begin Scene --

Sales Rep: This product is groundbreaking, innovative, and disruptive.

It has helped X, Y, Z companies see a 200% increase in EVERYTHING!

Buyer: Can you guarantee it will work for me?

Sales Rep: Well see every business is different...

Buyer: But you said it would work for me..

Sales Rep:...

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B2B Sales Closing Mental Wellness
How are you celebrating big wins during COVID-19?

In this remote world, it's been hard to celebrate success. I'd be really interested in ways you and your teams have been able to celebrate big wins during this time. A slack and email aren't enough! Thank you in advance!

B2B Sales Sales Mindset
Presenteeism... a telltale sign of "bro-culture"

It was about 5:40pm and I was ready to leave. My colleague was about done too, so I waited for him so we could walk out together.

We sat right near the elevator doors, so as we get up I start walking left towards them and he starts walking right away from them and we bump shoulders.

I give him this look like, 'What are you doing man?' He says he wants to use t...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach
How to write a cold email

Many of the cold emails you send are to people Unaware you or your product exist.

Now think of the last time a total stranger explained something about themselves to you that you never asked for.

You may very well have no memory of that, because that's kinda weird...

Yet most sales email try to do this.

So then what should you actually be doing in your cold emai...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales / Business Development
Corporate Bro <> Dave Gerhardt (Full Interview)

This is the extended version of the interview you saw in Episode 3 of unsubscribe.