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Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion Networking
Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat...

Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat with another brilliant #womensalespro over morning coffee.

Thank you Lori Richardson for connecting with me this morning!

But that leaves me to ask you a question we discussed this morning - if the goal is to have more diversity in sales leadership by 2030...what will be the biggest obstacle?

What do YOU think?

My answ...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Diversity adds 19% to your bottom line!

This week I interviewed Damani Corbin (Enterprise Sales Manager at Weaveworks, a GV and Accel backed start-up, and VP of the non-profit organisation Blacks on Wall St), and let me tell you, working with Damani has been truly enlightening.

If you are looking for practical advice on the first steps to creating a sustainable diversity initiative, take a look an...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Why Your Sales Team Needs More Women

Traditionally, there have been much higher numbers of men working in sales than of women. As more and more women begin taking on sales positions, however, organizations are discovering the advantages of having females on their sales team.

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., a sales management expert, followed a group of salespeople over eight years and found there are 58.8% ...

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How racial bias works -- and how to disrupt it
Our brains create categories to make sense of the world, recognize patterns and make quick decisions. But this ability to categorize also exacts a heavy toll in the form of unconscious bias. In this powerful talk, psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt explores how our biases unfairly target Black people at all levels of society -- from schools and social media to policing and criminal justice -- and discusses how creating points of friction can help us actively interrupt and address this troubling problem.
B2B Sales Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
I'm working on ideas to encourage more diversity in B2B sales

I'm working on ideas to encourage more diversity in B2B sales - particularly Tech and SaaS. Awesome TED talk by Jennifer Eberhardt on how racial bias works. Have you seen it?

Diversity & Inclusion Networking
Racism, Protests, Unity.

70% of Bravado's employees are minorities. What has been happening across the United States has hit home, hard.

This morning, I sent the following message to our employees at Bravado. As you are a Member of our community, you deserve to hear it too.

Please help us find those groups that need our support by voting in the poll.

Thank you, and stay safe + stron...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Training
Sales Books Written by Women Sales Experts

Most sales books recommended or talked up are written by men (men write a LOT more books about sales than women do - but here is a great list written by women

Diversity & Inclusion Sales Mindset Sales Stories
I Didn't Tell Her

When she was 5 years old and a stranger we met in passing commented on her beauty and asked what she wanted be when she grew up, she replied- without hesitation: A Doctor!

I didn't tell her that on average male doctors income is 36% higher than their female counterparts.

I didn't tell her that, in addition, Black female doctors make 50% less than their White m...

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Career Development Diversity & Inclusion
D&I in Book Recs

It's easy to talk about diversity & inclusion at the highest levels of sales, but it's important to practice it at every level - right from learning about sales.

As a female student interested in sales, I did a quick Google search of 'top sales books', which yields numerous titles - all by men. What are some books/media you've discovered written by female/mi...

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