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You don’t have to make 100 dials to your prospect to get their attention 🙋🏻‍♂️

It’s insanity that anyone would want to think this way to begin with.

Imagine if it took you 100 dials to get in touch with a friend or colleague just to ask them a question... that’s literally what you’re doing when you prospect with this mindset of “dial, dial, dial and set an appointment.”

Your pitch is weak.

It’s mind numbing.

And all you want is an appointm...

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Sales Mindset
What is one thing you're doing to keep mindset in check?

I don't know about you, but today I'm going to compete against myself. I'm going to have one more conversation than I have planned to make. I'll ask one more question to dig deeper into what a buyer / future customer is saying. I'll be sure and document my accomplishments in Google Keep (or use a paper notebook or other digital place). I'll be optimistic.

My ...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales Training
Shut up and listen to your prospect because it will make you more money.

As a salesperson, you should shut up and listen to your prospect because it will make you more money.

This is fundamentally wrong in every sense of the word.

First of all...

If thats your thought process, the question's you'll be asking will reflect a self-serving motive.

Second of all...

Not practicing an altruistic form of active listening will lead to objectio...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales Operations
Feedback Request: Database of B2B Buying Signals for Salespeople

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of the year, I acted on the advice on a Hubspot article by Emma Brudner (if you’re reading, thank you Emma!) and got instant results. i.e appointments with prospects for the marketing agency I worked for then. The article is “29 Types of Sales Trigger Events and How to Track Them”

While Emma’s article was great, it was a bit gener...

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Sales Mindset
Humans are not logical when it comes to making decisions.

We are biological.

We are a chemical soup of dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, oxytocin, and a whole slew of endorphins.

This is so true that when the part of the brain that handles emotions is too damaged...

People. Can't. Make. Decisions.

Think about that real quick.

They can tell you all the reasons they SHOULD make a decision, but even the smallest ones, they ca...

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Promotion Prospecting Sales / Business Development
How you track your working hours?

Hello people,

We are currently working under development of a product that would help companies and individuals to manage and optimize their time (lets say time tracking app, but not just that).

We are not an average software development company as our team consists of business people, financial experts, and IT people that are passionate about creating an ult...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach Prospecting
All Effective Cold Outreach has One Thing in Common

I went through nearly +10 years of highly effective, cold outreach I've used at 7 different startups.

I realized there's a single common theme in every effective script or email I've created.

It is the underlying basis for getting people's attention who are not in buying mode.

It is the same foundation for what:

- Josh Braun calls illumination questions.

- Jacco ...

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Ah yes, the infamous phone!

Ah yes, the infamous phone!

Reps hate it.

Managers love it.

Prospects… they’re somewhere in between.

There are so many scripts out there… Google “cold calling scripts” if you don’t believe me.

I prefer frameworks that you use to create relevant scripts for your own company.

Here’s how I think about cold calling.

Your job is to get a prospect’s interest in th...

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Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales

40 thoughts, tips and ideas to start talking about mental health in sales.

Mental Wellness Sales Mindset Sales Stories
#RealTalk - The last week of July sucked for me.

Out sick most of the week - several deadlines pushed and the joys of working as a one-woman-shop fully realized when meetings were missed without notice because I wasn't able to reach out to everyone in time to cancel.

Guess what?


Am I behind? You bet.

Will I be able to handle it? Yep.

I'm starting with apologies and communicating...

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